Checkers & Game Board – SKU: 3202

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Welcome to the engaging sphere of games with AC Sales, a respected supplier in the wholesale checkers game industry. Our company specializes in providing a diverse selection of classic board games, ideal for enhancing your store’s inventory.

Among our product range, the traditional checkers game emerges as a timeless addition. A moderately priced, easy-to-understand game, it is not only a marvelous addition to game collections but also an exceptional tool for teaching children the art of strategic gameplay. Designed to facilitate fun competition between two players, this game feeds the appetite for both fun competition and light-hearted family fun.

Our checkers games are suitable for ages six and upwards, ensuring a broad market reach. The game features sturdy, interlocking plastic checkers, in distinct red and black shades that captivate the players’ attention. We also supply a heavy-duty folding game board, designed for durability and easy storage.

To foster an enriched gameplay experience, our wholesale checkers game is accompanied by detailed instructions. This ensures an easy understanding of the game rules, allowing players to dive straight into fun challenges without hesitation.

AC Sales stands not only as a wholesale supplier but also as a purveyor of joyful experiences for individuals, families, and gaming enthusiasts. By opting for our wholesaled checkers sets, your store can provide the ideal product for those seeking engaging, competitive, and educational fun.